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20 Sep 2021

Full-Time Multiple Open Positions

TNO, LLC – Posted by Rosedale Jobs Anywhere

Job Description

TNO, LLC has been in business since 2015 designing, maintaining, and renovating commercial landscapes and irrigation systems. Specializing in complex landscaping and lawn care services and snow removal jobs are located in Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO metro areas.

Chemical Applicator Landscaping

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Irrigation Technician

Job Description

  1. Operates gates, checks, and turnouts to regulate waterflow into canals and laterals.
    2. Removes plugs from portholes to release water and replugs when area is filled with water.
    3. Starts motor that pumps water through system, and opens valves to direct water.
    4. Observes rate of flow, and adjusts valves to ensure uniform distribution of water.
    5. Disassembles portable system, and moves to next location after specified time intervals.
    6. Lays out pipe along designated settings, and attaches sprinkler heads at specified points.
    7. Connects pipe to gate or pipe system, using hand tools.
    8. Measures or estimates quantity of water required and delivered and duration of delivery.
    9. Shovels and packs dirt in low spots of embankment, or cuts trenches in high areas to direct water flow.
    10. Patrols area to detect leaks, breaks, weak areas, or obstructions and damage to irrigation system.
    11. Writes reports and keeps records of deliveries, users, quantity of water used, condition of system and equipment, or repairs needed.
    12. Lubricates, adjusts, and repairs or replaces parts to maintain system, using hand tools.

Pool Construction Laborer

Job Description

Performs any combination of following tasks in constructing, installing, and servicing swimming pools at commercial and residential sites: Plots length and width of pool site, according to specifications, and marks corners of site, using stakes and sledgehammer.

  • 1) Working Knowledge of construction job site and Plumbing experience
  • 2) Confers with customer to ensure that pool location and dimensions meet customer’s demands.
  • 3) Operates backhoe to dig, shape, and grade walls of in-ground pool, a plus.
  • 4) Assembles and aligns wall panel sections, using nuts, bolts, electric air gun, and transit.
  • 5) Pours premixed concrete mixture between dirt wall and wall panels to establish footing to anchor bottoms of wall panels and cross braces.
  • 6) Dumps and spreads gravel into hollow foundation to form drain field, using wheelbarrow, shovel, and rake.
  • 7) Digs trenches, spreads gravel, and lays drain tiles uphill of pool site to divert ground water.
  • 8) Lays out and connects pipelines for water inlets, return valves, and filters, using handtools.
  • 9) Snaps coping section to inside upper edge of wall panels around pool circumference to secure liner edge and protect pool users.
  • 10) Mixes prescribed amounts of cement, sand, and water, and pours mixture into foundation.
  • 11) Spreads and smooths mixture evenly throughout foundation, using trowel, and allows mixture to set.
  • 12) Assembles heater parts, connects gas, oil, or electric lines, and starts heater to verify working order of unit.
  • 13) Installs return valves.
  • 14) Builds concrete deck around pool.


2405 Merriam Lane, Kansas City, Kansas 66106, United States

How to Apply

Mark Dodson , Account Manager

2405 Merriam Lane, Kansas City, Kansas 66106

(913) 388-5359

Job Categories: General Labor. Job Types: Full-Time and Hourly. Salaries: Hourly.

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